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Scheremetjew Borzoi

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Our story 

Adult Borzoi at our kennel

My love of the wonderful Borzoi Breed was established in 1975 in Germany when the first Borzoi came into my life. She was a stray and nobody ever asked for her. Of course one cannot have just one Borzoi. The first puppy came, and then another. I started breeding in 1982 and got involved in Lure Coursing, Oval and Straight Racing - where we were very successful.  

The year 1994 brought a big change to our lives. My daughter, two Borzoi (10 years at the time) and I moved to the United States. After the last two girls out of my own breeding had passed away I acquired my first American Borzoi (Naketa's Little Empress, 4 years at the time) from Roy Silguero and Curtis Judd (Gladkii Veter Borzoi). 

And, again one cannot have just one Borzoi. My next acquisition was a puppy from Gladkii Veter Borzoi, Gladkii Veter Jitterbug (Katinka); the foundation for my first breeding in the United States. We had a litter of three pups, all of whom are Champions.

As a responsible Borzoi Breeder we have all our Borzoi health tested based on the recommendations by the Borzoi Club of America.

Many years have past and we have successfully bred some more litters of beautiful puppies. Our biggest success was our 2017 litter with all 7 of them are now Conformation Champions or Grand Champions. Some have started in lure coursing and/or some other performance events.

Our Story

Karin Johnson & Julia Johnson, MD PhD


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