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My love of the wonderful Borzoi Breed was established in 1975 in Germany when the first Borzoi came into my life. She was a stray and nobody ever asked for her. Of course one cannot have just one Borzoi. The first puppy came, and then another. I started breeding in 1982 and got involved in Lure Coursing, Oval and Straight Racing - where we were very successful.  

The year 1994 brought a big change to our lives. My daughter, two Borzoi (10 years at the time) and I moved to the United States. After the last two girls out of my own breeding had passed away I acquired my first American Borzoi (Nekita's Little Empress, 4 years at the time) from Roy Silguero and Curtis Judd (Gladkii Veter Borzoi). 

And, again one cannot have just one Borzoi. My next acquisition was a puppy from Gladkii Veter Borzoi, Gladkii Veter Jitterbug (Katinka); the foundation for my first breeding in the United States. We had a litter of three pups, all of whom are Champions. Check out Targa's and Cayenne's page to follow their success story.



Karin Johnson & Julia Johnson, M. D.


Phone (804) 332-0116


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