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BIF Grand Champion
DC Horse and Hound Bretagne 
at Scheremetjew, sc, fch

Specialty Winner

- Jolie -

July 03, 2010 - October 09, 2018

Jolie at the

BCOA National Specialty Show 2017

where she made the second cut in 

the Best of Breed ring

Photo: Steve Surfman

Jolie taking the lead

Jolie finished her Championship on August 14, 2011 at the tender age of 13 months with three majors and some singles. Five of these shows were judged by Breeder Judges - her first and last point was awarded by Breeder Judge Jane Bishop. 
In September 2011 Jolie started her coursing career by taking BOB for a 4 point major at her first trial. The second weekend out she won BOB and topped it of with a Best in Field win for her second major (5 points).  On August 19, 2012 she finished her AKC Field  Championship with another major win to become a Dual Champion. On September 29, 2012 Jolie topped it of with the title 'Grand Champion'.  As of that day she is the youngest GCH DC in the Country.

Photo: Marc Stumbo

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