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CH Scheremetjew's Jonas Salk, FCAT, CGC, FITS turned four years old on May 23, 2024. Jonas was shown by us to his AKC Conformation Championship title and could be shown by his new owner to advance to the Grand Championship. He was trained in basic obedience and completed the Canine Good Citizen class with the AKC CGC title. 

Jonas has a rather calm personality, but loves to run at home and on the FastCat track. He is not a candidate for Lure Coursing since he prefers to come back to the human he loves. Obedience or Rally might be a good field for him to spend time with his new owner.

Since he grew up with our cat, he might be able to adjust to another dog friendly cat. Jonas would probably enjoy another dog of his size to play with as well.

Jonas' Health Clearances

recommended by the

Borzoi Club of America

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