2020 Litter

DC Tour de France of the Wild Hunt, CD, SC, LCM, JOR, CGC, ROMX


GCH Scheremetjew Lyra's Vega, SC, ROM-C

DOB May 23, 2020

4 boys and 2 girls


Scheremetjew's Jacques Cousteau

living with Ariel Duncan at

Hounds of the Wild Hunt

where he already started his 

performance career training 

at the dock diving pool

Scheremetjew's Nikola Tesla

stayed close to us and is living with Jill & Steve Woith, 2 of his half siblings, 1 more Borzoi, and a Beagle. Nikola is co-owned by Jill and Karin.

Scheremetjew's Jonas Salk

will be staying at Scheremetjew

Scheremetjew's Niels Bohr

moved to Maine to join the family of Sallie & Bob Ellis with Borzoi, Jacob.

Scheremetjew's Alice Ball

is co-owned by Becky Ranger (NY) & Tamara Carey (WA). Alice is enjoying life in NY State with 2 Borzoi from Sedona Kennel

Scheremetjew's Marie Curie

will be staying at Scheremetjew

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